Experience Almaza Bay



Summer 2022 in Almaza Bay is set to provide you with all your sports cravings and athletic aspirations. Embrace numerous kinds of physical activity and entertainment catered to prioritize your fitness levels and further improve full health benefits of your beach life.

Play Sports Soccer Academy

This summer, we will be offering soccer practice sessions and matches for boys and girls ages 4-17. As well as private sessions for youth and adults of all ages and much more. Join Play Sports on the football field behind Jaz Crystal Hotel.

Play Sports Basketball Academy

Play Basketball Academy is a basketball academy that offers training for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. Our goal is to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in basketball. Our coaches are experienced and passionate about basketball. They are committed to helping our students reach their full potential.


The BOOST swimming academy created the first and biggest open water swimming franchise in the world and organized 20 races with a total number of 1500-2000 athletes per race in 14 different countries. This top-notch swimming academy will be regulating training programs and swimming events for individuals of all ages!

The Tennis Club

Aspiring to become a tennis player? Your wish is our command. We are bringing you a group of certified tennis experts to teach and train you professionally. These well-experienced former national tennis champions will be joining us this summer for fun learning experiences and competitions in our professional tennis courts.


The most sought after game in the world and one of the latest sporting trends, Almaza Bay will now feature 2 new Padel Tennis courts at your disposal! With a smaller court, lower net and no double lanes, this widely enjoyed sport will be easier and even more enjoyable for children, seniors and everyone in between.


Following last Summer’s streak, several renowned trainers and fitness instructors will be hosting their sessions throughout the Summer.


Yoga on the beach is a great way to connect with nature and your inner self. The fresh air, the sound of the waves, and the feeling of the sand beneath your feet can all help to create a sense of peace and tranquility. No matter what your level of experience, beach yoga is a great way to get a workout and relax at the same time. So come to Almaza Bay and experience the benefits of beach yoga for yourself!


Almaza Bay’s 360 view gym will elevate your work-out experience. With a variety of machines and equipment to facilitate your training sessions, you will also get to enjoy Almaza Bay’s vibrant and impeccable views. While you’re at it, compliment all your senses with your go-to workout playlist!

Beach Sports

Enjoy playing Beach Sports with your friends and make it a special time.


Enjoy a wide variety of watersports and activites in our crystal clear waters.