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The sea is the gift that continues to give, with every ebb and flow of the tide there is good and an eternal presence of adivinenature that enriches the area and gives i t  the presence of life, the surrounding is very respectful to the sea; what it offers; the shore takes and is enriched with the knowledge i t recei ves from it. This ongoing dialogue between land and sea continues until that settlement becomes a town. The town is in constant connection to the sea that keeps bestowing its wealth upon the town with every thing from material of shelter to matters of life. By this relationship, the existence of life has been defined and continues to grow and learn from the vast wealth of the Mediterranean. Beach town is organically designed, existing as a result of the relationship between Man and Sea. Defined by the principles of nature; the spacing and pathways are paved by way of nature, almost like the sea leaves imprints of the waves on the sand. The livable neighborhood of Beachtown drifts away from the standardized landmarks and creates different landmarks for every area that serves the community by making the landscape familiar and easy to navigate. Every landmark is unique and is inspired by what surrounds it. Beachtown is a timeless place, and evolves with the townspeople; it continues to change over time with the surrounding elements, by following this principle; the town is ever changing and growing with time; the built terrain becomes harmonious with the natural land where it is built.


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The Selection, an interplay between the warm rays of a sunset and the Mediterranean waters, an exclusive development that embodies refined seaside living. Homes that boast exquisite design and meet your lifelong aspirations, The Selection homes aren’t about investing in a summer house but rather about acquiring a masterpiece, one that resonates with your heart and speaks to your mind.

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